I recently destroyed my bitcoinorderbook.org instance as a part of cleaning up and organizing my various projects. This blog post will display the project instead of keeping a server running all the time.

Attached is a screenshot of the single page app. It is a consolidated order book chart of multiple Bitcoin exchanges done with Node.js and Vuejs. I did this project because one important piece of information when trading is order book volume - a piece that is often hidden from everyday users, and also hard to visualize when it is spread across hundreds of exchanges.

I liked that after running Node.js in production mode I never had to restart the server due to a crash. Before writing this app I thought it would be tedious to do data transformations with Javascript, however I found map and reduce functions to be quite handy. One thing I did not like was that getting the chart to look exactly how I wanted it to. Having it display correctly on desktop as well as mobile was kind of a pain. After doing this project I definitely could appreciate the complexity brokerages have to work through when matching market makers with market takers.