This is a project I began on vacation during my downtime. You can probably guess what book I was reading when I got the idea for this app (Moby Dick). There are 364 footnotes in my version of Moby Dick. The book is 469 pages long. I had never read a book that had nearly as many footnotes as pages. It's probably common for people who read this book these days to find themselves flipping between their current page and the footnotes at the end of the book. 19th century whaling terminology is more or less obsolete by now. I thought "Wouldn't it be nice to know what a capstan is before you read the chapter?" That way your reading flow wouldn't get interrupted as much.

How to get the text data for the app though? No fear, project Gutenberg has transcribed at least 60,000 texts to PDF and epub format. With all the pieces in place, this is a good enough idea for yet another Flask app! I will also be taking this as an opportunity to learn microservices architecture and possibly be able to connect other apps I've created.

Edit: I'm not pursuing this project currently. There are a few things that added complexity to this project. One of them was "how to reliably index chapters and what pages they span?".

As a note to self, here's what I was using: