A text data oriented news aggregator with powerful full-text search and simple profile features.

This site comprises a set of simple tools that can be used through the browser or via API. At the time of writing, is deployed with 2 others in progress. I wrote these apps to learn the Go programming language and Materializecss design language.


"UI for project Gutenberg" but with interesting NLP features to aid readers and recommend other books. WIP.

Algorithmic Trading

Automated trading based on sentiment analysis. WIP.

Distributor API Tool

Automates the Bill of Material (BoM) quotation process by taking an excel upload of parts and quantities and asynchronously sending out requests to major distributors. Responses are parsed, extracted, transformed, compared, sorted, and finally returned in an easy to read excel download with formatting. Supports parameters such as region, which suppliers to use, exact part match only, stocked only, and two output formats.

Old Projects (defunct)

  • Bitcoin combined order book visualization app (winter 2021)
  • Flask chat app via sockets (summer 2020)
  • Django news aggregator prototype (summer 2019)
  • Flask Steam Game browser w/ Amazon API integration (summer 2018)
  • Django Cryptocurrency market visualization app (price charts, Github repository health rankings, social media sentiment - summer 2017)